The Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists

FESH Code of Conduct

Code of Ethical Conduct

  1. I will not carry out any act, performance, publicity stunt or experiment which is likely to bring hypnosis into disrepute or attract adverse publicity. All performances will comply with current guidelines including 1952 Hypnotism act.

  2. I will not include in my presentation any simulation of hypnosis. To this end only people who volunteer will be used as subjects for hypnotism. I will only use psychological techniques of induction of the hypnotic state.

  3. At all times I will be aware of my responsibilities to both members of the audience and my subjects in particular:

    (a) I will ensure that all hypnotic or post-hypnotic suggestions are removed completely before any subjects leaves the room in which the performance takes place;

    (b) I will ensure that any post-hypnotic Suggestions given will take place only in my presence will not continue after the performance has ended, or out of the room in which the performance is held; and

    (c) Towards the end of each performance I will give specific suggestions to all subjects and to members of the audience that they should awake and, on awaking, they should feel fit and that they should not go to sleep again until they retire to bed in the normal way.

  4. If in the course of my professional work, I should encounter any person in a self induced trance or suffering from any medical or nervous condition, I will advise him/her and any other person accompanying him/her to consult his/her own medical practitioner or if this is not practicable, to seek other appropriate medical treatment.

  5. In my advertising material and in my public statements I will not claim or otherwise imply that hypnotism is other than a psychological technique. In every poster, advertisement or programme relating to my public exhibition, I shall draw the attention in a clear and legible manner to the legal prohibition on the hypnotism of persons under the age of 18.

  6. I will refrain from including in any performance, presentation or exhibition:

    (a) Any experiment which is likely to produce an adverse psychological or physical reaction in the subject.

    (b) Any conversation with a subject on matters concerning his/her private life or personality.

    (c) The giving of suggestions to the subject that he/she should perform any act or behave in a manner, which is indecent, offensive or harmful as defined by Act of Parliament.

  7. I undertake to accept and be bound by any amendments made to this Code of Ethical Practice provided that they have been adopted in accordance with the Rules of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists.